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Shamans have been found throughout the world and throughout history, with evidence of shamans in "trance states" being shown in the very oldest of pictographs and petroglyphs. Throughout time, each tribe would "discover" the child with unique gifts and pull them aside for training that met their own culture and traditions. This is a lost art in our contemporary culture, and the traditions have largely gone fallow. Yet those who are gifted are still being born in every community and every part of the world. Being gifted and unacknowledged is hugely painful for the shaman whose desire is to help and heal the world they live in. Today, those with "unusual" gifts can be identified. Those who sense they were born to heal and lead on this level can learn contemporary methods of meeting the demands of our current culture and times. In fact, they must, for their own sense of purpose and wellbeing, as well as that of their community. Below you will find several audio links to Robin Rice's work as a contemporary shaman and shamanic teacher. While she in no way represents ALL contemporary shamans (her own style tends to be far less traditional than even the most contemporary out there), the essential work of the shaman is largely the same... to restore the soul to wholeness through.

About Founder, Robin Rice

Robin RiceRobin Rice is an internationally published author whose shamanic fiction has been translated into three languages and distributed in nine countries. She has traveled the world to study indigenous leadership and shamanic healing from a wide variety of traditions and this education is the backbone of all of her writing, teaching and social change offerings. She offers online teaching as a way to bring geographically diverse “tribes” together to reawaken to the ancient wisdom waiting for anyone who cares to earnestly seek it. As the founder of the Awesome Women Hub on facebook (with over 22,000 women demonstrating the “Generosity Model” of doing business across the world), she spent 2011 leading the AWH “What The World Needs NEXT” Music Video Tour. Blending the past and the future to meet the needs of the now, Robin created BeWhoYouAre.com at the beginning of the internet era and has evolved her work to meet the changing times ever since. Due to her teaching schedule, she no longer offers private healing sessions. However her graduated apprentices are very gifted (see our Soul Care Clinic page) and available to meet your requests for one-on-one shamanic healing work.


What Is A Contemporary Shaman?

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