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Soul Loss

We live in a time and culture in which the soul --that aspect of our truest self which attends to the needs and desires of our deepest nature-- has lost its way. As a result, our access to genuine happiness (let alone joy) and our trust in ourselves and the meaning in our life is diminished. Additionally, we have a loss of community and a sense that any problems we have are ours alone. If we do not have the resources to meet the need, we are simply out of luck. Collectively, this has led to a place where nearly every social system, from how we birth and celebrate to how we grieve, grow, and even die has become virtually soul-less. Many (if not most) feel alone, unheard, and unsupported -- oftentimes in their own families. The only cure for this is a return to the care of the soul.

In many times and tribe around the world, the care of the soul was in the province of the shaman. "Soul loss" was considered a condition of utmost urgency and quickly attended to for the benefit of both the individual and the community. Through the shaman, help was obtained from nature, archetypal forces, and guides that work beyond "consensus reality." The return of the contemporary shaman is a vital and growing movement. While there is yet much to learn, there is also much healing that is available now. It is effective regardless of age, race, religion, or belief systems.

The Soul Care Clinic offers access to shamanic help and healing through Shamanic Soul and Life Force Retrieval. Each day, there will be one or more of our shamanic practitioners offering immediate care at a discounted rate (it is not free, as some kind of exchange is needed in shamanic work, as well as in a culture that values what it pays for) for anyone in need. Our vision is for soul care to be as available as medical, dental, and mental health care are today. Click Here To Find Us On Facebook: The Soul Care Clinic

How It Works

THE SOUL CARE CLINIC was originally formed under the master guidance of Contemporary Shaman, Teacher and Waysayer Robin Rice. Our mission is to provide our community with soul care at a rate that is accessible to everyone. All practitioners are graduates of Robin's apprenticeship program.


THE 2-HOUR SESSIONS are uniform in format. The first hour is spent in a general overview of your life. This is followed by a 15-30-minute shamanic journey (if remote, this part is done off line) and then a 30-minute sharing of the journey again by phone or Skype. Issues of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being can all be addressed with special focus on current, lingering and/or traditionally unexplainable issues. This work takes place in Non-Ordinary Reality, where anything in ordinary reality can be affected. Because of this, long distance work has repeatedly proven to be as effective as in-person work. In addition, because this work is outside of time and space, often healing begins as soon as the appointment is booked.


Each practitioner is offering her services for a two-hour session at a rate of $120, with a sliding scale offered to those who are in need. Please contact the practitioner of your choice to learn more.

Our Practitioners



Dolores Andrew-Gavin DOLORES ANDREW-GAVIN: Steeped in Celtic tradition Dolores will bring you on a journey to help heal your story and make it a better one. She has a passion for myth and God/Goddess archetypal energies and integrates this passion into a healing session to ensure that a client is truly aligned on their hero/heroine's journey. Being a Mum she has a passion for working with children and helping them bring the magic back into their lives through myth and a re-discovery of their own innate imagination. She works in person or distantly via Skype from her home town of Galway in the West of Ireland.
Facebook: Celtic Soul Essence

Teri Connolly TERI CONNOLLY: A woman whose life was punctuated by the loss of her child, Teri facilitates deep soul healing through embracing her connections to Spirit. She is not afraid of difficult cases, and she understands those who have experienced the emptiness resulting from abuse, sudden transitions and the pain of being the outsider. Teri relishes bringing souls into their "Aha Moment."
Email Teri at:
Facebook: Sacred Star Soul Connection





Manni Dillon MANNI DILLON: Manni's joy is to connect with the soul essence of stories. She is acutely aware that some life stories nourish the soul, while others can damage the soul. Manni offers soul healing to regain a sense of story wholeness, as she believes we can all smile with a twinkle in our eyes! Passionate about the greater lessons of life and love, Manni also connects with deities and goddesses to regain and align power, strength and beauty. Please keep in mind that Manni lives in Spain, and thus works within the Spanish Time Zone and connects by Skype.
Email Manni at:

Facebook: Healing Soul Stories and Goddess Wisdom.


Jane Halliwell Green JANE HALLIWELL GREEN: Jane began her spiritual journey as a teenager under the guidance of her Irish grandmother who taught her to read the cards. Later she realized she could hear the voice of spirit and she continues to use this gift of clairaudience in bringing deep soul healing to individuals struggling with life's challenges. She brings passion to the belief that all souls are one with each other and the universe, and the greatest gift we give to each other is the gift of forgiveness. As an intuitive artist, Jane creates a visual map of color during the journey and records key words and phrases through calligraphy onto the surface of this map. (The art is optional and priced separately, and is not part of the clinic offering).
Email Jane at: 
Facebook: Art Speaks To Soul Website: &  Art Speaks Blog

Sarah Hutchison Nicotra SARAH HUTCHISON NICOTRA: For over a decade, Sarah has been uncompromising in the reclamation of her personal power. Her specialty is transforming addictions, destructive self-medicating ways and attending to crippling sensitivity. Today, her personal path is to cultivate a life full of meaning and connection. Sarah is passionate about illuminating the depth of healing and transformation the soul hungers for. She takes many forms but her favorite role is that of soul friend.
Email Sarah at: 
Facebook: Spiritual Momma Website:



Lisa Meade LISA MEADE: As a woman who has released over 140 pounds through intuitive body listening, Lisa brings her knowledge of heeding the body's messages and the use of spiritual practices to her soul care services. Being deeply in tune with both nature and the higher light realms, Lisa honors the many mysteries of today’s world. Her appreciation for sacred creativity is expressed in her work with artists and other dynamic personalities. Lisa’s calling is to work with women as they seek healing in areas that include soul based self-esteem as well as body and food issues. Email Lisa at: Lisa@womenwithinsight 
Facebook: Withinsight’s Walk of the Shaman and
Lisa Meade's Withinsight Women's Wisdom ~ Spirit's Spark.
Website: & Lisa Meade's Spirit Blog

Julie Moore JULIE MOORE: Julie is deeply in tune with the beauty in every moment and every soul. She understands the emptiness and confusion that can permeate one's soul from years of pleasing others, and the endless stress of trying to 'fit' into jobs and relationships that drain one of joy and wonder. Julie's calling is to work with those that are feeling 'lost' to themselves. Her focus is helping women re-connect with their own inner beauty and the courage to navigate change.
Email Julie at:
Facebook: Julie Moore



Regina Ni Dinn REGINA NI DINN: Regina was born and raised in Ireland and lives in Dublin. Her connection to the land of Ireland is strong and she empathizes with the generations of people who have had to leave their homeland to seek their fortunes abroad, in the process leaving their families behind. She is passionate about people in transition; she herself has had to reskill and change careers, and has spent time in those unemployment queues. She believes in people and their natural ability to soulfully navigate life, sometimes we just need that little bit of guidance to realize that we all have inbuilt ability, ready and willing to be realized. Her signature is both her voice and her laugh. Her laugh is strong and unique and can be infectious. Her voice is lyrical, calming and welcoming. Email Regina at:  Facebook: Navigating The Healing Of Your Soul

Laura Pascucci LAURA PASCUCCI: Laura has a deep connection to nature, mother earth, plants and especially animals. She has the unique gift of being able to help animals come into a state of harmony and balance, especially after trauma or a life of chaos. She builds a bridge between people and their animals through a shamanic journey. This is accomplished in partnership with her animal spirit guides. She has worked on her own tortoise farm for over 27 years, and has a long history of helping adopted animals that have come to be a part of her family. These relationships have helped her deepen her animal spirit bonds and intuitive connection. Laura now brings these gifts to you and your companion animals. No animal is too large or too small for her to work with, and she is deeply compassionate with adults and children who have formed bonds with their animal family members. Email Laura at:  Facebook: SoulWhisperingWithLaura

Jenn Poniatowski JENN PONIATOWSKI: A woman and mother in love with the ocean, Jenn seeks to bring grace and compassion to anyone she meets. Her work is deeply influenced by mythic and archetypal forces and is steeped in a profound love for the ancient Goddess. Her calling comes from the heart and she offers women a way to find their own gentle yet powerful strength. Jenn also helps those who experience the frightening occurrences of nightmares and night terrors and she extends her soul care practice to that of animals.
Email Jenn at:
Facebook: Into The Deep
Website: Fairy Mother Medicine Woman


Sandra Purvine SANDRA PURVINE: is a woman that honors the dance of the soul. Trusting the infinite and unknown can be as frightening as the possibility of death might feel. Through health challenges of her own and several near death experiences, she brings those moving and life changing patterns onto the dance floor. She believes that the dark is as much a part of us as the light; and the place between is where balance and self-acceptance lead us to remember and reconnect with our genuine heart and soul. She sees and feels the whole within us all; where sacred fractal art, sacred sound, creative expression, visions, storytelling and dreams are tools and catalysts for transforming lives. Email Sandra at:
Facebook: Soul Dance and Sacred Art

Laurie Rivera LAURIE RIVERA: Up until now, Laurie's background in healing has been in the field of traditional allopathic medicine. Discovering her true path through Shamanism, she has expanded her practice to healing the deep wounds of the soul. She draws upon the elemental energies and the energies of nature and the outdoors to enhance her practice. Email Laurie at:  Facebook: Serendipitous Soul Journeys





Patricia Sullivan PATRICIA SULLIVAN: Patricia is an earthly soul who has a love of nature and the cosmos. She has extensive experience with dealing with her own emotional cycles and therefore understands the wisdom that the more difficult emotional patterns bring. Patricia has a passion for exploring the bigger picture of the human experience and is constantly learning about what it means to be human. She enjoys working in the shamanic realms in order to bring comfort, insight and healing. She offers a willing ear and a big heart to all those she works with.
Facebook: Traveling Through The Mists



Donna Tougas DONNA TOUGAS: Donna has a unique ability to see the deeper reflections of Soul parts that require care and healing as she journeys on her client's behalf. She offers balance and clarity through this unique gift. Her passion for working with color-as-energy also allows her to translate the essence and energy of color into goddess inspired jewelry based on the energy balance needed. (Actual jewelry creation is completely optional, priced separately according to design, and is NOT a part of the clinic offering.) Donna also has a connective awareness to the reemerging Atlantean and Lemurian stories and this connection is an inspiration in her work. Email Donna at: Facebook: Soul Reflections

Wendy Weatherwax WENDY WEATHERWAX: Wendy strives to embody the true essence of the Crone... that magical quality of a well-lived youth, empowering middle-age and vibrant maturity. She offers 30 years of hard-won wisdom and a passion for working with people facing great seemingly insurmountable challenges. Wendy is excited to offer soul care journeys, with the help of her Animal Guides and the Grand Mothers, in support of those seeking deep levels of Soul healing and growth. She also has a natural ease with animals large and small and offers soul care on their behalf. Email Wendy at: Facebook:
Nourishing Your Soul with "DreamWeaver: The Woman of Owls"

Susanne Wigginton SUZANNE WIGGINTON: As a highly sensitive person, Suzanne has navigated the full spectrum of human moods and emotions, learning to embrace both her darkness and light as fruitful. She has a special understanding of profound pain, depressive cycles and the personal shame spiral. She has a passion for dreamwork, deep shadow dancing and presence based massage. Suzanne finds joy and fulfillment in the elegance of souls set aloft. She offers distance work and welcomes people to her mind~body~spirit center in Phoenix, Arizona. Email Suzanne at:
Facebook: Time For You

Websites: & The Delighted Sage Blog


Marni Willms MARNI WILLMS: Marni promotes a holistic and integrative approach to the well-being of body, mind and spirit that was born of her work/career as a compassionate caregiver and nurse. She took the leap and walked away from her most recent career in corporate healthcare management in order to allow her the opportunity to explore a calling that brings her soul path alive. Now she is easing into living each moment wholeheartedly. Her compassion and wisdom has deepened through self healing on all levels and extends especially to individuals who have felt disowned by their religion and those that have experienced childhood trauma. Marni is most at home in the midst of the standing people, the trees, because in leaning against their solid and almost timeless strength, you receive solace and connect with your inner knowing. Email Marni at:
Facebook: Tree Spirit Dancer Soul Care


Important Disclaimer

The Soul Care Clinic is not a business identity, it is a collective of practitioners offering care at discounted rates. While Robin Rice has been the teacher of the clinic practitioners when they were apprentices, she nor the collective accepts responsibility for the work done by an individual practitioner. Shamanism is not regulated by any medical or mental health agency, and thus has not been evaluated as effective or ineffective by any governing body. It is up to you to decide if you would like to address your spiritual growth using shamanic care, and it should be used in addition to, and not a replacement of, any standardised medical or mental health care you may wish to pursue.